About Us

Here at FreeAutoTraffic we aim to provide the user a simplified auto-surfing tool with premium features, without a price. Our top priorities are ease of use, automation and user experience - try for yourself!

We want everyone to receive website hits at FreeAutoTraffic. To make this fair and achieve this, we have created a mutual traffic exchange script which automatically views other websites. You will earn points on autopilot, and these points can be spent towards your own website views.

There are plenty of other auto-surf traffic exchanges, so what makes us any different?
We will never charge anything for our service and all features that would usually be premium are FREE. For this, we ask you to refer anyone to our website - as long as we can keep active users, this website will stay free forever.

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Earn your traffic the right way with our method and script. Our automated app rotates all users sites equally with a rewarding points system. This is an effective traffic exchange method which focuses on ease of use as well as efficiency. You can download our free traffic exchange software for mac, linux or windows.

We also have geo targeting features, changing url (custom) referral, custom user agent and more with a free account.

Our free autosurf service can be used to gain more downline referrals, increasing alexa rank, more video/youtube exposure, more ad views and paid to promote (PTP) views, getting instant unique free visitors, free website advertisements, used as a free link exchanger, and much more.

FREE AUTO TRAFFIC - The free worldwide traffic exchange service made in 2019.