Wood products maker Troymill Wood Products makes a ‘stunning’ return to its roots

Lami Wood Products, one of the world’s largest wood producers, is making a stunning return to roots with its new brand, Lami.

The brand’s new website features a photo of a lami tree with a tree trunk and the words “trees are life”.

It’s not the only brand in the woods that’s rethinking its roots.

The Australian wood and furniture retailer Woolworths, which bought Lami last year for $2.3 billion, is working on re-inventing itself with a brand that it hopes will be a big draw for customers in the retail industry.

And now it’s back to the roots.

Lami, the company’s third major brand in 25 years, says it’s not a clone of its earlier offerings, but has reworked its recipes and new products to “build on our core strengths” and be “more of a premium, premium retailer”.

“We’ve tried to keep the same core product but have focused on some of the best products in the world,” Lami chief operating officer Steve Higginson said.

“That’s our mission, to be able to deliver products that are better than what we’ve been doing for years.”

“So we’re going to build on that, build on the best we’ve done and try to be more of a more premium, more premium retailer.”

Mr Higgitt says Lami has rethought some of its core products, including its packaging.

“We have a different packaging on a couple of our products, we’re really trying to re-create that same spirit of simplicity and quality,” he said.

Mr Higitt said Lami’s new products will be “much more premium than what you see now”.

“What we’ve really been focused on is really focusing on the customer and giving them that great product they want,” he added.

“Our brand identity has always been about bringing the best value for our customers, we want to be a place where they feel like they can feel confident they’re buying the best product for their money.”

So if you go to Woolworth’s website and they have a product that’s the best in the market, it’s because we know they like the way we sell and they love our brand identity.

“They love what we do.”‘

We’re going back to roots’The company has also been rethinking some of what it does, which include its online business, which it has been testing since its IPO in 2013.

“The key for us, we are in a process of getting to that point where we can actually get on a roll and be a more real business,” Mr Higgit said.


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