When to Get the Wood Treatment

Wood floors are not just for home renovations.

You can use them for anything.

For instance, you can use a wood floor shine product to help keep your floors from looking moldy.

And it’s easy to apply.

The process is simple: mix 1 part wood polish to 1 part water, and let it soak for 24 hours.

Then, wipe off the surface and apply a second coat.

The result: your floors look fresh and clean.

Wood floors also are an effective way to remove dead wood.

They’re a natural cure for mold, fungus, and other problems that could occur with decaying wood floors.

Here’s how to get the wood treatment for your home.


Start with a dry wood flooring product.

Many homeowners are looking for a wood polish that won’t mold, mold-tangle, or stain the flooring.

But if you want to get more effective wood treatment, you should consider the natural wood floor polish.

“It has an extremely soft, lightweight feel,” says Debra M. Ziemba, an associate professor of wood floor and furniture design at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

“When it’s applied, it comes off with a soft, moist feel.”

You can apply a natural wood polish on a dry surface, such as wood floors or concrete floors, or you can apply it to the surface of a wood stain or grout coat.

“The paint dries out and then dries again, which gives you a new coat of color,” says Ziembaum.


Wet wood floors can dry out the wood floors as well.

“If it’s a dry floor, it’s very easy to get mold,” says John L. Hines, a wood product specialist with the National Wood Products Association.

“You can apply paint on wood floors, then water, then it will dry.

And that’s it.”

You don’t have to wait long for the natural stain to dry.

After a few days, you’ll see a bright, clear coating.


Apply the natural coat.

Wetting a wooden floor or a natural stain will not only help it dry out, but it also removes the wood floor stain, which is a hard-to-remove contaminant that can damage the wood surface.

You may also want to apply a paint coat or a grout coating to your wood floor, because those coatings can help remove the wood stain.


Reapply the natural paint.

Once you’ve applied the natural flooring to the wood, you need to reapply it to dry your wood floors and finish them.

“Once it dries, the stain will come off,” says Hines.

“But you need some moisture to prevent it from drying out.”


Apply a second product.

“This is the second coat,” says M.D. Ziega, an assistant professor of industrial wood products at the College of Charleston.

“And you apply this again and again, and you get this beautiful, dark finish.”


Repeat the process to get a full coat.

After you’ve finished applying the first coat, you repeat that process for the second.

This is a process called repeat-applying.

You apply the second and third coats.

This makes sure the wood is coated, and that the paint is dry.

“That’s the key to making sure the stain is fully gone,” says Nana Shokry, a certified wood product expert at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado.

“A second coat is very important to get that finish.

You’re really just going to apply it until it drips off.”


Let the natural finish dry.

When it driks, the natural coating will slowly dry out.

You want to let the natural cover dry completely.

This means that there are no more stains or dead wood on the wood.


Use the natural surface for furniture.

If you’ve already used natural coatings for furniture, you may want to consider using it on a natural surface to finish off your furniture.

“There’s a lot of people who are using natural surface finishes for furniture because they want to maintain a clean finish and the look of the wood,” says Shoky.

“For instance, if you have an older piece of furniture, and it’s not clean, it might be difficult to replace that piece.

It might be harder to get those pieces out of the house.”


Dry your wood with a wet paint.

Wet furniture finishes and grout can be very difficult to remove.

And even if you can get the stain out, it may not look as good as when you used the natural process.

So you may need to dry furniture with a damp, dry, and gentle dryer.

If the wood looks dry, you might need to remove the stain with a second, dry coat.

This method takes a little longer.

“I usually recommend a second wet, dry and gentle drying,” says Darlene L. Johnson

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