California wildfires: How we know they’re coming

California is reeling from its worst wildfire season in 50 years.

And now the state is seeing some of the same conditions that triggered the fires, experts say.

The drought has caused an abundance of trees to grow in some of California’s driest places, which means wildfires are now being pushed further and further north, according to NBC News California’s Jeff Cohen.

The state has been hit with a record number of wildfires.

The first wave of fires started in the state’s Central Valley region on June 1, but the fires have continued to spread north and south throughout the year.

The fires have forced nearly 700,000 residents from their homes.

The National Weather Service in Sacramento says the fires are burning at an average pace of about 50 acres per hour, which is equivalent to the size of one soccer field.

That’s about the same pace as wildfires in 2016.

The fire season is typically a period of rapid growth for California, but this year has been particularly harsh.

The state’s fire season has been shortened by about two months, to June 6.

This year, the National Weather Services expects the fires to continue to burn as long as they continue to move north and west, even into the spring.

It’s unclear what impact the drought will have on the fire season, but experts say it could make things worse.

The weather pattern that created the wildfires in California last year was called El Niño.

El Niño, or the Northern Hemisphere’s weather pattern, is an environmental phenomenon that has a strong effect on the weather patterns across the world.

In 2017, the El Niño event was a strong one, and a new El Niño is expected to hit California in early spring.The El Niño effect has been associated with the wildfires.

The National Weather Commission predicts El Niño-like conditions will persist through April and into May.

While the drought is expected not to last long, it will have an impact on the fires.

The heat waves that hit California this year were the hottest on record, with temperatures up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (29 degrees Celsius).

Some scientists have speculated that the drought was to blame for the scorching temperatures.

El Niños are normally associated with a cooling trend.

El Niño tends to make the weather more variable and hotter in the summer.

That means hotter days in the spring and summer mean more dry conditions. The El Niño can also cause the sun to change direction, which could lead to hotter, more windy days in fall and winter.

In California, that could make conditions even more challenging for the fire seasons.

In the past, fires have burned in California from June to October.

But this year, many of the fires in the Central Valley have been burning as late as March.

This means that fires that were burning earlier in the year could now burn even later in the fall and early winter.

El Ninos can also lead to a change in wind patterns.

This is when the wind blows from east to west, bringing cooler, drier air in from the east.

That could mean that fire season in the Sierra Nevada is in danger.

California’s fires are also becoming a bigger threat to the state economy.

The wildfires have contributed to more than $20 billion in damage, and the state has lost $1 billion in revenue because of them.

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