The new Apple Watch faces are really cool

The new versions of the Apple Watch face have made the rounds of the Internet, and while some of the reactions are mixed, there’s still one thing you can’t argue with.

The Apple Watch’s “taptic feedback” has gotten better and better over the past year, but it hasn’t completely eliminated the need for the Apple watch face to be on your wrist.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use the Apple’s newest face, and if you think it’s awesome, share it in the comments.1.

Use your wrist to swipe through notifications.

This one has become the new norm.

Swiping your wrist up and down and hitting the home button brings up the notifications list and lets you swipe through them.

There’s a little bit of an edge to the swiping motion, but we still find it useful.2.

Use the camera to take a photo.

We like to use our iPhone to take pictures while we’re watching video or playing games.

The new FaceTime camera features a more refined, more-rounded feel, and it takes better pictures with less of a blur.

When you’re looking through the camera app, you can swipe to reveal a photo thumbnail that you can share with friends and family.3.

Take a picture with a friend.

You can use FaceTime to snap photos with friends in FaceTime apps, as well as with your friends in the Apple Pay app, or just make a quick call using FaceTime.4.

Make a FaceTime video.

Using FaceTime for FaceTime calls is like using FaceID to take photos with your iPhone.

Simply use your FaceTime app to send FaceTime messages, and then simply swipe up to open up a video player.

It’s an easy way to capture an image and add it to your FaceBook or Instagram account.5.

Take selfies with your Apple Watch.

We can’t recommend using your Apple Watches camera app enough.

If you want to take an amazing selfie with your Watch, just grab a selfie stick and take it to the park.

We love taking selfies with our Apple Watch because we can get the perfect angle, and we get to have the whole thing in the sun.6.

Take an iPhone picture with your Face ID.

There are apps for that, but the one we love the most is FaceID.

If your iPhone has a built-in camera, you could easily take an iPhone photo with FaceID and use it in an app.7.

Use FaceTime in Apple Pay.

We get it: using Face Time for FacePay is cool.

We also like the fact that you have to download FaceTime on your iPhone to use FacePay, so it’s not really a big deal.

But we still like that FaceTime lets you add a video to your iPhone in order to send messages.8.

Take selfie pics with the Apple Pencil.

This is a feature we’ve seen on the iPhone for a while now.

When taking a selfie with the Pencil, you’re going to want to be careful when using the Pen, as it’s going to cause the brush to accidentally brush up against your face, or accidentally brush against your iPhone, or get accidentally bumped into the display.

If this happens, you may have to take your phone out of your pocket and put it in a different place.9.

Make an emoji with the Face ID app.

This might not seem like much, but you can add an emoji to an image by just swiping down on the image you want in the FaceID app.

It will let you draw an emoji using just your finger.

It works best when you’re taking selfies and you have lots of facial expressions.

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