US lumber market falls again amid glut

By TIMOTHY JOHNSONAssociated PressU.

S. lumber sales fell 5.7% in December, according to the U.

S, as manufacturers ramped up production to meet a government demand for lumber and as demand for wood fell amid the glut of cheap imports.

The Commerce Department said Friday that U.T.O. shipments fell for a fourth straight month and the trade deficit narrowed to $6.1 billion in the fourth quarter from $9.4 billion in 2015.

The decline came after a strong start to the year, as demand from China helped push demand for the material, which is now traded on international markets.

U.N. data show the world’s second-largest economy has cut its trade deficit for the year by $50 billion.

The trade gap fell to $3.7 billion from $4.1 million in the third quarter.

It was $5.9 billion in 2016.

The U.K. fell 2.2% to £1,049.60 per ton, while Canada dropped 1.9% to $1,023.25 per ton.

The Netherlands and the Czech Republic were among the gains.

The government said Thursday it was buying $1.3 billion worth of U.U.T., the world leader in lumber, from Canadian importers and foreign lumber producers in the next two weeks.

The Canadian government has been buying lumber from Canadian mills and producers, as it seeks to avoid a price war with the U of T and other provinces that have complained about the cost of lumber.

U of t is planning to buy more lumber, as well as produce and export to other countries.

Canadian lumber is used to make furniture and other construction materials and has been an important export commodity.

The $1 billion U. of T investment comes on top of $400 million last year from the Canadian government and $300 million in last year’s budget.

The government also said Thursday that it would begin buying U.B.C. lumber from foreign producers.

A Canadian company, Humber, said Thursday its board of directors agreed to sell $5 billion worth to a Canadian buyer.

The Woodland Lumber Association said in a statement that its members had bought U.P.C., which owns Canadian mills, and would sell the lumber to a buyer for $50 million.

It added that Humber’s decision to buy U.V.

C was motivated by the trade war and that the UB.

Cs plan to increase production and exports was “unlikely.”

Humber, a subsidiary of Canadian lumber producer Pacific Timber, declined to comment.

The Canada-U.K.-U.I. trade deficit fell to a record $2.3 trillion in the latest quarter.

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