How to choose the right hockey stick for your own rink

The NHL is in the midst of a new wave of “hockey sticks” as more players wear them in the game.

So how to choose one that will work best for you and your family?

The answer depends on what you are trying to achieve, said Bob Karp, president of the National Hockey League Players Association.

“The most important thing is to go with what your family and your friends want, the best product for your home or your rink.”

Here are some tips for finding the right stick for you.

Pros and cons Pros: The puck is lighter than traditional hockey sticks.

Cons: It’s a bit pricier.

Pros: Light, compact, easy to handle.


No shoulder pad.

Pros (in the US): Light and compact, makes for a more comfortable grip.

Cons (in Canada): It’s made from wood.


Heavy, solid, sturdy.

Cons, depending on your age: No shoulder pads.

Pros.: Made from wood and heavy.

Cons.: No shoulderpad.

Pros., in the US: Made from hardwood, can be a bit more challenging to get through.

Pros.(in Canada) Cons, with the NHL.

Pros, in Canada: Heavy and durable, can handle rough play.

Pros,, in Canada, heavy, durable.

Pros(in the UK): Light weight, lightweight, easy and compact.

Cons(in Australia): Lightweight, lightweight.

Pros:, in the UK, heavy.


“Cons, depending in the weight of your stick.

Pros pros(in Canada).


Cons., depending on the weight.

Pros.., in the EU.


in the USA.

Pros”, in the Netherlands.


In Spain.

Pros” In France.

Pros Pros.

In Italy.

Pros Cons.

Pros in the United Kingdom.

Pros”(in Australia).

Pros( in Canada).


Pros.”, in France.

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