How the swamp’s boom is hurting the industry

A year after the first big lumber harvest in a century, the industry is still struggling to recover from the downturn, with millions of acres being logged, and many industries facing higher unemployment and higher costs.

Wood floor shine and swamp wood products are among the many industries that saw heavy logging last year.

The two industries account for about one-third of the industry’s revenue, according to the American Wood Products Association.

But the lumber industry is also facing a new challenge, as companies like Cushman and Squibb are closing stores and cutting jobs, and the recession is wreaking havoc on the economy.

The companies say that a slowdown in demand and weak economic growth has forced them to shut down and reduce staffing.

And while that may have impacted the lumber business, it could also affect the companies that employ thousands of workers in the industry.

Many lumberworkers have lost their jobs and the economy has been hard hit by the recession, but they say that this is the first year in decades that many companies have cut back and shuttered stores.

They say the companies are just trying to get through the winter.

“The recession is impacting us more than any other sector,” said Kevin Jager, the owner of the local lumberyard.

“The recession hit us harder than any time in our history.

We have lost a lot of jobs.

We lost a bunch of employees.

And we’ve had to lay off a lot more than we’d normally expect to lose a quarter of our workforce.”

Jager has spent years working on his shop, where he employs about 50 people, to keep his shop open.

He said his shop has had to shut its doors in order to keep it open.

Jager is hoping to reopen next year, but he said he’s having to cut a lot on staff and the costs of running the shop.

“We’ve had about 20-30% fewer people,” Jager said.

“It’s hard to keep people on, because they’re not coming in.”

Jagers shop is just one of many, and Cushmen and SquIBB have been struggling as well.

Jagers workers, who were laid off in the recession in 2012, have been laid off as well, and he said that is hurting his business.

“It’s a drag on our business,” Jagers said.

The recession has left him struggling to get his business up and running.

Jages employees have also lost jobs.

Jager is looking for new workers.

Jates employees are among them.

“The downturn is affecting us more so than any industry,” said Jay Stinson, the executive director of the American wood products association.

“There are some jobs that have gone.

And it’s not just one job.

We’ve had some layoffs.

We’re looking for people to fill those jobs.

That’s a challenge for us.”

Jates, a national wood product company, is closing stores in 2018.

J&H, the largest producer of swamp wood, also closed in 2018 and is now focusing on its new product line.

“When we started, we had a very successful company that had a solid sales and a lot to offer to our customers,” said Joe Gough, president of J&H.

“We’ve gone through a couple of quarters where we’ve lost customers, and that’s a problem for us.

We know we can get the products out quicker and more efficiently, but we can’t get out faster.”

Gough said he expects that swamp wood will not be a major factor in the lumber market.

But that hasn’t stopped some lumber companies from laying off employees.

“I know that in the last six months or so we’ve seen a lot going on in the wood products industry,” Gough said.

Gough has already laid off about 30 employees.

The American wood product association estimates that the downturn could cost the industry $15 billion.

But many of the companies have said they have little choice but to cut back or close.

“If they’re going to take the hit, we’re going,” J&Y President Jim McPherson said.

Micheal Naylor, vice president of public relations at Cushmans, told Politico that it’s a tough situation for the company.

“Our ability to service the communities that we serve and our ability to serve the businesses that we service are dependent on the ability to generate revenue,” he said.

“In the last few months, there has been a significant decrease in revenue, which is a big factor in our decision to close,” Naylor said.

McPhersey said he is not sure what the impact of the downturn will be for his company.

“My hope is that we can come back and do what we do best,” McPhers said.

But others are worried that the recession has hurt the industry, with many companies seeing sales drop.

“These are businesses that have been in business for a very long time and have been very successful in their industry

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