Which company is using the best wood to make furniture?

Posted September 09, 2018 12:27:03 “The wood we use for our furniture is the same wood that’s in the buildings that we are designing and building,” says Michael Wood, vice president of product at Moslow Wood Products.

The company’s website says its furniture, wood products and furnishings are sourced exclusively from certified, sustainably harvested, organic, sustainable, and local forests.

“This wood is the backbone of our products and it’s used for every step of the manufacturing process,” Wood says.

Wood says Moslow’s wood products are made in collaboration with suppliers including local ranchers and forestry companies.

“We have relationships with farmers and ranchers, who are part of the ecosystem,” he says.

“The quality and the durability of the wood we’re using is unmatched in the industry.”

Wood says his company also uses natural materials and recycles paper.

“Every piece of wood that we use is recycled, which is something that’s really important to us,” he adds.

Wood and his wife, Melissa, started Moslow in 2016 after spending a decade working in the furniture industry.

Wood has a master’s degree in environmental engineering from the University of North Texas and is currently a graduate student at Texas A&M.

Moslow, which Wood calls “the most sustainable furniture company in the world,” has grown from one office building in the Dallas suburb of El Paso to a large operation in several locations in the state.

Wood credits his team members for the success of his company.

“You guys have been phenomenal,” Wood told Business Insider in a phone interview.

Wood is quick to point out that the company has made progress on sustainability in recent years.

“Since I started this company, we’ve invested $15 million in sustainable manufacturing and we’re going to be doing that for the next three to five years,” Wood said.

“I believe in sustainability, and I believe that there is more and more support and investment that needs to be made.”

Wood’s company was acquired by New Balance last year.

New Balance acquired Moslow for $7 billion in July, according to Bloomberg.

The retailer plans to open a new location in the Houston area in 2019.

Mosrow, Wood says, is just one of several furniture companies that have recently made moves to improve their sustainability.

“A lot of them have taken it on board and made sustainability a part of their strategy,” Wood adds.

“If you look at the top brands and the big companies, they’re really investing in sustainability.”

Wood and other furniture manufacturers have also taken steps to avoid plastic.

Moslo’s furniture is made of sustainable wood that is sourced locally.

“Moslow wood is sourced from 100% organic trees, sustainfully harvested, and sustainably sourced in every single step of our production,” Wood tells Business Insider.

“Everything is recyclable, we don’t use plastic or any other material that’s harmful,” Wood added.

Wood told the publication that Moslow is now the largest supplier of wood products in the country, accounting for nearly 70% of the market.

Moslows products also feature sustainable construction materials and energy-efficient features.

Wood also points out that many of Moslows products are available in stores around the country.

Wood adds that he believes it’s important to be aware of environmental impact and waste management.

“It’s really about making sure we’re following those guidelines, and that we’re also trying to help our customers with the cost of materials,” he said.

The CEO of Wood says it’s also important to understand the environmental impact of the product being made.

“Most people don’t realize how much environmental impact we’re having,” Wood explains.

“And we need to know what we’re putting into the product, and how much we’re actually impacting our environment.”

For more from Wood, check out the video below:

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