Michigan officials: Clean up a toxic swamp by planting corn

Michigan Gov.

Rick Snyder (R) on Friday said state officials are in the process of planting corn in an area near the Mississippi River that has long been contaminated with toxic algae and is home to a toxic species of algae.

He called the algae “the worst algae in the world.”

The algae has been linked to an outbreak of lung cancer and other health issues in several countries, and Snyder said he was concerned about it in Michigan because of its proximity to the Mississippi.

He said the state will be testing all of its water to see if there is a problem with the water quality.

“If there is, then we’ll find out,” he said.

The algae is a “giant, massive algae that lives in this swamp that has been in this area for 100 years, and that’s the biggest thing we need to worry about,” Snyder said.

“And it’s not just in Michigan.

This is in Florida and Ohio, and they’re also concerned about the same thing.”

The governor said his state is also working with the EPA to investigate whether the algae has impacted nearby drinking water supplies.

The EPA has not been able to determine if any drinking water sources are impacted, according to a statement issued by the EPA.

The EPA said the agency will be monitoring the condition of the water.

Snyder said in the statement that he was in the midst of a meeting with EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and the state’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Commissioner Mary Jo White.

“This is a serious matter,” he added.

“We are taking action now.”

The state has about 4.3 million acres of wetlands in the Upper Peninsula, including some in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Development Is Supported By

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