U.S. wood products producers are still a small player

U.K. wood product maker Woodburns has been the most recent to sign on to the new “smaller is better” campaign, but other large brands are taking steps to address the trend.

According to Reuters, two major U.A.E. wood brands have said they are not taking part in the initiative.

Woodburns, a British company, announced last month that it would be leaving its wood products division in order to focus on growing its online business and increasing its presence in the European market.

In an email to employees, Woodburn’s CEO, Mike Woodburn, said that “the small business world is now in the age of the Internet.”

Woodburn added that he believes in “small, independent companies with an innovative vision for how to serve consumers.”

In addition, Woodwoods parent company, Anglo American, announced a $100 million plan to expand its portfolio of wood products and said it plans to hire at least 300 people to work in its U.P. headquarters, according to Reuters.

Woods plans to move to Europe, where it plans on sourcing wood from a wider range of countries.

Woodwoods chief executive Mike Woodwood said in a statement that the company “will continue to innovate in wood products for our customers and customers worldwide.”

The decision to move away from Woodburn means Woodburn will not be the only one to do so, though.

The company has said it will diversify its business.

Woodbrook’s plan to diversify is part of a broader shift toward “a more diversified supply chain,” according to Woodwood’s statement.

The Woodburn announcement came just days after the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany, which is attended by more than 100 countries and is focused on ways to address climate change.

The U.L.G.E., a U.R.E.-led coalition of wood suppliers, trade associations and consumer advocacy groups, said in March that it was planning to hold a conference on climate change in the United States.

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