British wood products firm to build a $100m US factory in Australia

A wood product company has agreed to build an $100 million US factory to produce wood products from the United States.

Wood Products Inc said it would employ around 100 people at its factory in Port Augusta, Georgia, to produce some of the company’s most popular products such as quilts, blankets, blankets for kids and chairs.

The deal, worth $50 million, is the largest in the world.

Wood products is also investing in a new facility to make products from sustainable materials.

“We have invested a lot of time and effort in bringing this factory here, because we want to build this facility to meet the needs of the consumer and grow our business, said Tim Koehler, chief executive of Wood Products.

The Wood Products facility will also produce wood pellets, which are an environmentally friendly way to create products from wood. “

In the long term, we believe our products and our customers will benefit the environment and the planet,” Mr Koehl said.

The Wood Products facility will also produce wood pellets, which are an environmentally friendly way to create products from wood.

The plant will be operated by Wood Products’ subsidiary, Kool and Wampus, which is part of a joint venture between Kool-N-Matic and a US-based company called American Wood Products which produces and sells wood products.

The joint venture has a turnover of $200 million, with the Australian company employing around 80 people.

“The facility will allow us to grow our sales to a level that is comparable to that of the US market and to grow Wood Products’s overall business, which has grown more than 80 per cent since its launch two years ago,” Mr Giesbrecht said.

“That has helped us make good progress with our new business plan and our business in the United State.”

Development Is Supported By

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